Free range within your age range

Bandio gives your kids age-appropriate access to the sites and games they love.
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Free range within your age range

About Bandio

Bandio was started by two organizations that take privacy very seriously, Common Sense Media and Aleo Network Foundation, so it should come as no surprise that Bandio believes that we need to both protect kids and preserve the privacy of everyone. We invented a way to help parents provide their kids “free range within their age range” without putting your personal data at risk. 

Bandio’s name was inspired by the anonymous color-coded wristbands you get at a county fair or festival. You flash your ID once at the entrance, and then all of the vendors can verify your age without asking for your ID again.

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Bandio is the only age assurance solution that:

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Is powered by Common Sense Media

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Is a one-stop shop for age assurance

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Uses the latest zero knowledge cryptography to avoid storing and sharing your private information

How Bandio works


set up BanDIO

Create a secure and anonymous Bandio Age Band that stores your child's age range.



Your child's Bandio Age Band communicates your child's age to sites clearly and privately.


Parental Controls

Once platforms know how old users are, they can offer more effective safety tools.

Freedom knows new bounds

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