Age? Check.

Introducing Bandio: the Common Sense Media solution to age assurance.

User age checks without compromising privacy or having to store sensitive data.
See how Bandio looks in action!
Happy mother and daughter at tablet. Free range within your age range

Why Bandio?

Fingers holding smiley face wooden block to illustrate how happy users are with the Bandio age assurance process


It's quick and easy for users to get a reusable Bandio age band

Man in button-down business dress shirt deposits a coin into a pink piggy bank to illustrate how cost-effective the Bandio age assurance solution is


No cost when your site refers the person to Bandio for the first time.

Hands holding an empty cardboard box to illustrate that Bandio does not save or store any PII


No identifying information is stored for users — by Bandio or by you.

See how Bandio looks in action!

"The best idea I’ve seen so far for obtaining parent-confirmed age and then sharing the age signal is Bandio’s tokenised approach."
—Max Bleyleben, Former Managing Director and Chief Privacy Officer, SuperAwesome

"Implementing Bandio is really straightforward,  super easy… Quite well done.”
— Engineer, Bandio pilot customer

User age clarity that's
Simple, Private, and Secure.

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