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Once you have created a Bandio age band, it's easy to see how simple and secure it could be for sites and apps to clearly know their user's ages.

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Why does Bandio exist?

We all know many apps and sites have content that's not appropriate for kids. Self-declaring a birthdate doesn't stop them from accessing adult content.  

Bandio by Common Sense Media proves there is a better solution to this problem. You can create a reusable digital age band with no personal information attached to it. Just age.

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On apps and sites where knowing whether a user is an adult or a child can make a big difference in the content and features, you send the appropriate Bandio age band to the site instead of entering a birthdate there or revealing any personal information to the site.

"The best idea I’ve seen so far for obtaining parent-confirmed age and then sharing the age signal is Bandio’s tokenised approach."
—Max Bleyleben, Former Managing Director and Chief Privacy Officer, SuperAwesome

Collaborating with Parenting and Privacy Experts

Bandio was created in partnership with Common Sense Media & Aleo Foundation.

Smart parents have relied on Common Sense Media for over 20 years to help them make sound choices for their children’s media experiences. As childhood has become increasingly digital, Common Sense Media continues to lead.  Recognizing the importance of robust age checks and parental involvement to age-appropriate online experiences, they committed to pioneering this essential change with Bandio.

Our other founding partner, Aleo Foundation, pioneers practical uses of advanced cryptography, making privacy-focused tools like Bandio possible.

Bandio enables safe, age-appropriate digital experiences with uncompromised privacy.

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