Requiring age verification for access to social media and adult websites is a hot topic in legislation and the news. Many people fear a future in which privacy is sacrificed and personal information is put at risk in the pursuit of age verification for the protection of children.

Bandio proves that age verification can be convenient, secure, and private.

Bandio is like the anonymous color-coded wristbands you get at a county fair or festival. You flash your ID once at the entrance, and then all the vendors can verify your age range without asking for your ID again. 

We've answered some frequently asked questions below to help explain how Bandio works.

Photo of colorful wristband being put onto a wrist at the entrance to a festival, to illustrate how Bandio works.
Does having a Bandio put my private information at risk?
Unlike age assurance tools which keep records of personal details like your driver's license or social security number, Bandio’s process to get an age band does not store any personal information beyond the age information. We can’t lose what we don’t have. We avoid storing the information by using zero-knowledge proofs (or, as we like to call it, “fancy math”).
Do I have to share my private, sensitive information with Bandio-supporting sites to verify my age?
Once you've set up your age band or your child's age band with Bandio, you can provide ONLY the age range to the participating site. Bandio provides the site with the mathematical proof that your Bandio age band was created through the official process. You do not have to give any other information to the site for age verification.
Is my ID stored in a big database that could be compromised?
We don't store your ID, images, or any information you provide during the verification process. We can't put at risk what we don't have! For further protection, each age band is individually locked (i.e. encrypted), and you are the only person with a key to unlock yours. Bandio doesn't even have the key!
If a hacker did hack into my age band, would my privacy be at risk?
Bandio does not store any personal information beyond the age data. If a hacker was somehow able to hack into your age band, they would only find an age range. No name, no email. It is truly anonymous. Not very exciting for a hacker.
Bandio: Protect young people and preserve privacy.
Please reach out if you have additional questions!
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Bandio is a public benefit corporation created by Common Sense and Aleo Networks Foundation and supported by a group of leading technologists, internet activists and committed parents passionate about fostering safer experiences for kids online without compromising parent and child privacy.

Bandio by Common Sense enables parents to create an age-range pass for their children to use across their favorite social media, gaming, and other sites so that they get the benefit of age-appropriate content and safety settings and features. Bandio's privacy-preserving age verification solution is built upon Aleo’s groundbreaking zero knowledge proof technology.

Common Sense is a leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Aleo Network Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing public understanding of zero-knowledge cryptography and promoting applications that address the growing need for secure and decentralized technologies.

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